What’s your 2024 resolution?

January is often a time of self-reflection and making commitments. 

At work, this generally translates to goal setting for the year to come. Setting performance goals with your staff is a critical element, not only for the success of your business but overall employee engagement. Helping people to link what they do to the overall purpose of the company is a vital building block which will increase productivity and job satisfaction. This exercise should be more than just reviewing a job description – people need to understand how what they do fits in with what everyone else is doing.

Setting goals can also trigger new behaviours and can breathe new life and momentum into people. It should be a collaborative process, which allows people to have a voice in what they should be accomplishing this year.

It all comes down to conversations. When was the last time you truly sat down and gave your staff the time they deserve to talk about what’s important to them. These discussions should include personal development goals alongside functional targets.

People need to feel like there is someone at work who cares about their career growth and makes them feel valued. Have you ever asked your employees about their professional aspirations? You might be surprised at the answer.

We recommend starting this critical conversation with your employees – today! 

Don’t know how or where to get started? At FCR Paradigm, we have solutions that can help you improve employee engagement and maximize both individual & team performance. 

Contact us today to find out more. We promise you won’t regret it.

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