Are you doing what you do best every day?

With so much talk out there about the scarcity of available talent and terms like “The Great Resignation”, more then ever before employers are focused on retaining their staff.  One key to retention is ensuring that your employees are engaged and happy in their roles.  The Gallup Organization offers an employee engagement survey based on their multi-year research project on this topic.  Employee Engagement not only helps with retention, but it also drives productivity, enhances customer loyalty as well as overall business performance.

One of the identified areas which improves an employee’s work experience is having the ability to do what they do best daily.  But then this begs the question, do you as a manager/employer know what your staff do best?  Do they even know where their strengths lie?  This all comes down to simple conversations.  You need to ask your employees what they think their strengths are? What do they think they do best? Is what they say congruent to what you think about them, or feedback that you have received from colleagues or customers?

A strength is a combination of natural talents, knowledge and skills.  Where knowledge and skills can be taught, talents are something innate within each of us as individuals.  A good leader can match the right person to the right role based on talent.  If you and your team haven’t completed the CliftonStrengths Assessment, you need to get in touch, it’s a must.  A true strength is described as near perfect performance – how happy and fulfilled would you be if you were nearly perfectly performing each day? The assessment might even reveal a completely untapped area of potential, something that can be cultivated to take you from “Average Joe” to “Superhero”.

Don’t know how or where to get started? At FCR Paradigm, we have solutions that can help you improve employee engagement and maximize both individual & team performance. 

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